Semitec FT Series – The Future In Temperature Sensing

Nothing is as small – Nothing responds as fast the

Semitec Temperature Sensor

When an application requires thermistors with a rapid response time – the Semitec FT micro thin film SMD thermistor can be regarded as the golden standard. As one of the world’s thinnest temperature sensors, the Semitec FT outperforms similar products due to their miniature size, exceptionally fast response time and high heat resistance.  


One of their primary uses is the thermal protection of IGBT and Sic MOSFET junction temperatures, especially when they are used in e-vehicle and other high-power applications. Their unique construction and miniature form (down to 0201) enables the FT to be placed closer to transistor junctions where it can quickly sense rapid changes in temperature, offering the user the best chance of sensing, controlling and smoothing temperature fluctuations. The overall benefit is that the IGBT’s output and lifetime can be maximised. For the full range of applications and housings available click here

Fast response

Semitec’s FT thermistor is at the forefront of NTC thermistor technology. Using thin-film sputter technology, the FT thermistor is manufactured on 150micron (or thinner) ceramic substrate. The primary benefit of this feature is the very fast thermal response the FT exhibits when mounted onto a heater or power component surface. The thermal time constant can be as small as 0.5 sec for the smallest 0201 package.

High & wide temperature range

In addition, the FT’s wide and ‘useable’ temperature range of -50°/350°C (which is a distinct advantage over other NTC thermistors) offers opportunities in applications such as ‘in-cell’ battery applications, digital thermometers, medical devices, office automation, security devices and personal care appliances.

Laser trimmed & moisture resistant

Used in many different industries, the FT thermistor can be laser- trimmed to very high accuracy for use as temperature sensors in applications such as catheters, glucose monitoring, or electronics thermometers for medical applications. It’s glass passivation layer helps it seal against moisture ingress.

For ease of manufacturing, the FT can be supplied with axial leads which can be laser-welded to the control or sensing circuit. A radial leaded version allows standard soldering techniques to be used in digital thermometers or other temperature critical applications. The FT series is also available within pipe clip sensors, or assemblies – customisation for volume applications are available.

FT Line Drawing
Semitec FT – Line drawing


Key Features

• Thin film design = exceptionally fast response times

• Glass passivation = moisture resistance

• High temperature resistance -40°C to +350°C

• Extremely thin (≤ 0.1mm possible)

• Extremely small (0.6 x 0.3mm possible)

• Interchangeable/RT matched versions

• Highly accurate, ± 0.2°C (0–70°C) or better

Wide range of temperature sensors available from ATC Semitec. Semitec’s FT thin-film SMD NTC, is part of a wide range of innovative temperature sensors available from ATC Semitec.

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