Successful Multi-Purpose IP67 Temperature Sensor

ATC Semitec’s AT-11 temperature sensing probe, offers the best accuracy/cost/quality ratio available in the industry. Highly versatile, these probes are widely used by many industries worldwide, across a wide range of diverse applications including battery management systems within e-vehicles, HVAC, air conditioning, and digital thermostats.

Using the industry standard Semitec 103AT-2 precision NTC thermistor, this TPE encapsulated thermistor sensor offers accurate temperature control (with an accuracy of +/-0.3°C at 25°C) and monitoring from -50°C to +110°C. The sensing tip at just 5mm x 6mm x 15mm long ensures a fast response to thermal change. Its’ accuracy has led to the Semitec 103AT-11 becoming virtually an industry standard sensor within the electronic digital thermostat sector. 

During the moulding process, the AT-11’s sensing tip is sealed to the single-insulated TPE leads to ensure IP67 integrity and therefore can be used where moisture ingress is often a problem to epoxy sealed sensors.  

These top features have recently made it the thermistor of choice within battery management systems of e-vehicles with leading automotive manufacturers.

Other popular applications include underfloor heating, heat pumps, HVAC including air-conditioning, solar and frost-protection.  The AT-11 sensor also boasts a 3.75kVAC di-electric strength.

ATC Semitec not only stock the standard 103AT-11 at 600mm long but also longer 1.5m and 3m long variants. For volume applications, any length from 100mm to 10m long is available as well as integral connector options.

The Semitec AT-11 can also be fitted with any NTC from the AT-2 series which means R25 values from 1kohm to 100kohms are available.  Furthermore the higher accuracy 0.5% tolerance AP-2 series NTC thermistors can now be incorporated meaning that the “AP-11” temperature sensors can provide +/-0.5°C interchangeability from -60°C to +70°C.

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