Superior Range of Thermal Fuses Enables Extended Product Lifecycle

‘Anti-Ageing’ range of PEPI one-shot fuses available from ATC Semitec

Conventional non-resettable thermal fuses either use a melting solder or sublimating organic pellet which open at a pre-determined temperature.  The problem with both these mechanisms is their susceptibility to aging that can cause them to prematurely open in the field.  This can lead to early life failure of an appliance or product, possibly leading to guarantee or warranty returns. This could become a particular issue with manufacturers of personal care and household appliances who offer product warranties for up to 5 years.

Pepi H9 bimetal thermal fuse, snap action, ultra small, fast response

To combat this nuisance issue, Portage Electric Products Inc. (PEPI) have developed a range of highly sensitive H Series bimetal thermal fuses that are not susceptible to this aging process.  PEPI H one-time thermal fuses proved the ultimate in thermal protection with calibrations from 130°C to 280°C.  Available in calibration steps of 5K with set-point tolerances as small as ±5K, the PEPI H fuses offers superior performance and longer life.

The PEPI H series now extends over 10 versions with eight plastic body types (suitable up to 260°C) and two high temperature ceramic versions with calibrations up to 280°C.  Electrical loads of up to 15A/250VAC can be accommodated with different termination options to suit your application.

Their small, compact designs allow for simple integration into a wide range of products.  From hair-care stylers and other small home appliances, to coffee machines, catering equipment and industrial applications.

ATC Semitec, are the UK’s leading distributor of temperature sensors offering engineers leading edge thermal solutions from world leading innovative suppliers such as PEPI USA. For over 25 years, we have supported engineers across a wide range of industries with their NPD or product upgrades.