Surface Mount Ring Temperature sensors -E-Vehicle market

ATC Semitec is supporting engineers within the UK’s dynamic E-Vehicle sector, with its STS2 series surface mount ring temperature sensors. Engineers supported under the Faraday Battery Challenge and Innovate Uk are increasingly experiencing the benefits of the STS2 series sensors.

ATC Semitec RIng Surface Temperature Sensor

With proven success in a diverse range of industries, including batteries, and heat-sink monitoring, their fast response times (typically ≤ 5s) and high accuracy help protect against catastrophic events.

Key features of ATC Semitec’s STS2 ring sensors leading them to be widely adopted within the E-vehicle market include:

Neat, over-moulded ring design

1500V AC Dielectric strength

Interchangeability between NTCs

Standard ring sizes (M3, M4, M5 or larger)

High operating temperatures up to 125°C, with a wide range of R25 /B values

Excellent long-term reliability

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