Ultra-Thin Platinum Heating Element

For Medical Instruments and High Precision Sensors

Used in highly sensitive medical equipment (and even mass-market e-cigarettes), the miniature platinum YAGEO Nexensos H540s heating element is perfectly suited to applications where speed and accuracy are key.

The thermal component measures just 5.2mm by 3.9mm, so you could fit 24 of the miniature heaters on a standard UK stamp and still have room left over for your wiring.

And with a maximum thickness of 1.0mm, the micro temperature heating elements will slip easily inside thousands of medical, scientific and consumer product shells. 

The H540S consists of a 12ohm platinum thin film structure, mounted on a ceramic substrate and can be used to heat solids, liquids and gases between temperatures of  -25°C and +850°C.

Heraeus miniature heating element
Available from ATC Semitec

Ultra-responsive and capable of highly localised heating, the components can be used in applications such as:

  • Heating biopsy and tissue samples for medical analysis
  • Rapid e-liquid heating in e-cigarettes
  • High precision sensors and electronics
  • Inhalators and evaporators for personal care
  • Personal appliances including hair stylers
  • Automotive and industrial processes

Using platinum means that the component is highly stable, highly accurate and has an extra-fast response time. The material’s homogeneity and chemical stability means that each heating element will perform reliably with an almost zero risk of breakdown.

Tight manufacturing controls ensure consistency in heater body dimensions and resistance, meaning the components are highly reproducible and suitable for mass-produced products.

About YAGEO Nexensos

YAGEO Nexensos is the market leader in the development and supply of platinum film sensor technology.

The company has produced more than 300 million sensors in the last seven years, supplying components primarily for use in lifestyle applications including wearable medical devices and e-cigarettes, domestic appliances and e-mobility applications.

About ATC Semitec

ATC Semitec is the UK’s leading distributor of thermal components. With more than two decades of experience, the company works with market leading component manufacturers in the thermal controls industry.

Matching unrivalled product knowledge with a friendly and supportive approach to business relationships, ATC Semitec works closely with customers to understand requirements and offer suitable advice.

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