Campini TY53 Air Sensing Thermostats

Campini TY-53 adjustable, air-sensing thermostats offer accurate control of air temperature in portable and static heating appliances.  The large bimetal blade is adjusted via a spindle over 300 degrees of rotation which allows for very fine control of the air temperature.

The spindles are colour-coded for ease of recognition as there are four temperature ranges available;  6~35°C, 6~45°C, 6~55°C and 6~70°C.  The standard terminal and spindle configuration are shown in the diagram below, but different spindle lengths and terminal options are available for high-volume applications.

There are also options (TY-53R and TY-53RT) to improve control even further by adding an anticipatory resistor or even a resistor/thermistor combination.  This can help to reduce the temperature differential (hysteresis) down to just 2K.



  • Convector heaters
  • Fan heaters
  • Combination radiant heater fires
  • Keep warm cabinets



  • Four temperature ranges; 6~35°C, 6~45°C, 6~55°C and 6~70°C
  • Rated current and voltage: 16A/250VAC
  • 200k cycle-life at maximum rated load
  • Snap-action control for
UK stock available from ATC Semitec