EAW IP64 Thermostat Assemblies

An IP64 rated thermostat assembly in a sealed plastic (or metal) housing from our specialist disc thermostat supplier EAW.  These bespoke thermostat assemblies are ideal for any challenging environmental, industrial or domestic applications.

Our sealed temperature control sensors offer a neat pre-wired assembly solution instead of having to fit your own standard push-on connectors.  These IP64 rated assemblies are great for HVAC and industrial applications where a high degree of physical protection is required.

The sensors can be fitted with tight differential thermostats for close temperature control, wide differential thermal cut-outs for over-temperature protection or one-shot bimetal or self-hold thermal protectors for ultimate safety.

Temperature calibrations from -10°C to +220°C are available with setting tolerances as little as ±3K.  Single and double-insulated lead-wires (with various connector options) can be supplied to help meet your application specifications.

Please call us to discuss specification options.



  • Transport HVAC Systems
  • Industrial Heating Control
  • Mobile Home Heater Controls
  • Domestic Heating Systems
  • Gas Boiler Safety Systems


  • IP64 control thermostat sensor assembly
  • Switching capacity up to 16A/230VAC
  • Operating range: -10°C to +220°C (T220)
  • Various mounting and lead-wire options
  • One-shot, auto-reset and self-hold thermal cut-outs options