EAW KB Manual Reset 1/2″Disc Cut-outs

The EAW KB series is a range of insulated housing, manual reset 1/2″disc bimetal thermal cut-outs.  Once the KB device reaches its set-point, the bimetal disc inverts and opens the internal contacts breaking the electrical circuit.

The KB’s design stops the bimetal discs from auto-resetting and so once the equipment it’s protecting has cooled down, the small reset button should be pressed to reset.  The electrical circuit is thus re-made and the KB ready to protect against any further over-heat condition.

The KB limiters are available with a wide range of terminal types and mounting options to help you find the optimal solution.  Also available with gold-plated contacts to allow for use in pilot light thermocouple and zero-voltage circuits.


  • Hot water boilers
  • Coffee machines
  • Catering equipment
  • Domestic appliances
  • Heating appliances
  • Electric heating elements


  • Manual-reset control function
  • Range 30°C to 190°C (T200 Rating)
  • Switch loads up to 16A/250VAC