EAW KO/KS 1/2″ Disc Thermostats

EAW KO & KS 1/2″ disc thermostats have a snap-action switching mechanism for accurate and repeatable temperature control.  Both break-on-rise and make-on-rise contact options are available with tight tolerances and small temperature differentials.  Calibrations from -20°C to +190°C offer the widest range of temperature settings in a T200 rated plastic housing.

The KO & KS series can have various push-on terminal types, solder and weldable connections.  Various surface and through-hole mounting options make this a very flexible range of 1/2″disc thermostats.


  • Heating elements and appliances
  • Domestic appliances and boilers
  • Industrial temperature protection


  • Range -20°C/+190°C (T200 rated housing)
  • Normally-closed or normally-open contacts
  • Loads up to 16A/250VAC
  • Gold-plated contacts versions available
  • VDE and UL approvals
Quick make/break switching action. 1/2