Matsuo MQT8K Precision Thermostats

The Matsuo MQT8K thermostat is the smallest tight control, low-profile control in the range.  The MQT8K offers a very neat solution to accurate temperature control with minimal long-term drift and a mechanical cycle life up to 1 million cycles.

Available with set-points from -10°C to 110°C (in one degree steps), the MQT8K can be supplied with a temperature differential as small as 3.5K and tolerances down to +/-1.5K.  This makes it ideal for anti-frost, anti-freezing and anti-condensation applications especially in remote applications where long-term stability is required.

The MQT8K version comes complete with an integral mounting tab whereas if space is limited, the MQT8H offers a  slightly shorter case.  The maximum switching capacity is 1.3A/250VAC or 2A/125VAC.  Standard leadwires are 150mm long but leads up to 950mm can be supplied.


  • Frost and freeze protection
  • Anti-condensation e.g. in CCTVs
  • Air temperature detection
  • Heating pads and elements


  • Small size: 6.4 x 12.5 x 34mm
  • Switching capacity: 1.3A/250VAC or 2A/125VAC
  • Temperature setting range: -10°C~110°C
  • Differential down to 3.5±1.5K
Matsuo MQT8K Small Thermostats. Tight differentials Matsuo MQT8 Technical Line Drawings