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PEPI C & CR Creep Action Thermostats

Versatile, multipurpose creep action thermostats/thermal protector with conductive bimetal construction for temperature control and sensing applications.

Low internal resistance and available with gold diffused contacts for use in low voltage/low current applications. With calibrations from 5°C to 200°C. .


  • Suitable for low voltage/low current applications.
  • Battery packs
  • Appliances


  • Universal close-control bimetal thermostat
  • Creep-action thermostat/thermal protector
  • Available with normally-closed or normally-open contacts
  • Metal case ensures fast thermal response to temperature change
  • Gold-diffused contacts available for low-voltage/low-current loads

Model C: Is normally closed and opens on temperature rise (over temp protection)

Model CR (C Reversed): Is normally open and closes on temperature rise (Safety thermal)

PEPI C&CR Creep action thermostat PEPI C & CR Creep Action Thermostat I ATC Semitec