Semifuse SFLR Resettable Strap PTC Fuses

Semifuse SFLR series polymeric PTC fuses from Fuzetec offer ideal short-circuit protection for higher power battery applications.  The SFLR PTCs have a smaller mass, lower cold resistance and smaller size which provides a neat form-factor to protect NiMH or Li-ion battery cells that are discharging at higher current levels.

The SFLR fuses are designed to be welded as a direct link between cells in primary or secondary, rechargeable battery packs.  Thermal consideration should be given to the fuse location, as it will heat up beyond 100deg.C during its transition from on to off.  The fuse will remain “off” until power is removed or short-circuit remedied.


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Lithium-ion cells
  • High power battery packs


  • Low profile, solid state design
  • Temperature range -40°C/+85°C
  • Current ratings 1.9A to 9.0A
  • Voltages 15VDC to 20VDC
  • Nickel straps for spot welding directly onto battery cells
Range of PTC resettable fuses from ATC Semitec

Technical Specifications