The Importance of Reliability in Thermal Controls for Medical Equipment

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the increased demand for ventilators and the rechargeable batteries that power them has come into sharp focus.  Reliable, high-quality thermal protection is clearly a must in medical equipment used in hospitals, medical clinics and assisted living facilities.

PEPI’s compact thermostats and thermal controls provide comprehensive thermal protection, protecting vital medical equipment from failures and malfunction which could be catastrophic to medical care.


In this whitepaper pdf you’ll learn:

  • How thermal controls provide over temperature protection and temperature control
  • How to spot and assess potential reliability problems of your thermal controls
  • How to customise thermal controls to precisely meet your application needs
  • How to factor in deterioration when specifying thermal controls


About Us

PEPI and ATC Semitec have supplied thermal controls to the UK manufacturing sector for more than 25 years.  They have the experience and technical expertise to recommend the correct thermal control for your application.

With extensive UK stock of high-quality thermal fuses and bimetal thermostats, ATC Semitec has the technical expertise to supply you with the optimum PEPI thermal control for your application.

Interested in knowing more?  You’ll learn everything you will need to in this pdf