Two new guides on using PEPI products

In partnership with PEPI, ATC Semitec have been providing thermal controls to British and Irish manufacturing industries for over twenty years.

We have recently created two downloadable guides for working with PEPI products.

Pepi products available at ATC Semite, UK's leading supplier of NTC thermistors and temperature sensors.

How To Guide For Thermal Controls

This whitepaper provides an overview guide on choosing the optimum thermal controls for your specific application.

  • Which applications bimetallic devices are most suited to
  • How to improve the devices’ performance
  • Which devices are resettable

The Importance of Reliability in Thermal Controls for Medical Equipment

This guide helps you learn how to build added reliability into key medical equipment for hospitals, clinics and care homes.

  • The ways thermal controls can provide over-temperature protection and temperature control
  • Identifying and assessing reliablity issues
  • Customisation of thermal controls to meet your exacting needs
  • Factoring in deterioration to your specifications

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