Platinum RTD sensors ideal for use in Dataloggers

Available in Surface Mount (SMD) format, YAGEO Nexensos thin film RTD sensors offer highly stable and high precision temperature control over extended temperature ranges.

Platinum RTD sensors have been used for many decades to measure temperatures in laboratory and industrial processes and have a proven and well-deserved reputation for high accuracy, excellent repeatability and high stability

They have a linear PTC characteristic which is very well defined and they are readily interchangeable with other Platinum elements of the same tolerance class; Class B, 2B, etc.

YAGEO Nexensos SMD thin film RTD platinum elements offer quick, low-cost and easy automated p.c.b. mounting for volume applications like dataloggers. They also offer excellent cold-junction compensation where thermocouples are preferred.

Three sizes 0603, 0805 and 1206 are available together with AEC-Q200 automotive qualified versions, supplied on tape /reel.

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