Why Monitor Battery Temperature?

Battery temperature is a key indicator of 3 major parameters of a battery pack:

Ultra thin flexible lead Semitec JT NTC temperature sensor. Fast response, highly accurate. < than 0.5mm thick. For samples and pricing contact ATC SemitecSafety

Miniature , very fast response NTC thermistor with a thermal time constant as small as 0.5 sec for the smallest 0201 package. Used for high power and e-mobility applications.Performance

High Integrity IP68 RTD Sensor Temperature Sensor | ATC Semitec | Yageo NexensosLifespan

An effective Battery Management System (BMS) will include several temperature sensors to aid with identifying and regulating these parameters.


Monitoring battery temperature swiftly identifies faulty cells, prevents overheating adverts thermal runaway. Common causes of heightened battery temperature, like ground faults, shorted cells, inadequate cooling, or unregulated charging, can be detected through temperature monitoring, preempting catastrophic failures such as thermal runaway and potential fires.

ATC Semitec STS2


Batteries operate optimally within a typical temperature range of typically 15-35°C (range may vary with battery chemistry and application). Monitoring temperature ensures the pack functions efficiently within this range. Excessive heat accelerates degradation, while extreme cold slows down performance.


Precise temperature control minimises cell degradation, physical distortion, and chemical changes, thereby extending the battery pack’s lifespan and avoiding premature, costly replacements.

ATC Semitec’s product range covers various battery temperature monitoring needs :

For over-temperature protection, we offer thermal cut-outs that interrupt circuits at predetermined temperature limits.

These can be mounted on a battery pack or even between cells for rapid response.

Battery protection cutouts – SEKI ST-22 / SEKI ST-30 / PEPI V

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